Meet the Clubs: McMaster University

McMaster Synchro Figure
McMaster Synchro Experienced Team

McMaster University Synchro Team, also known as “The Bad Girls of Synchro” have had a strong showing in the league since they joined. In the 2017-18 season, they entered both a novice and experienced team, and an experienced solo.

McMaster is very involved in improving our league, and active in all league activities. They hosted an invitational meet in the Fall of 2016, their President Daniela Lato participates actively in league committees, and our previous CUSSL President, Hannah Koke, also swam for McMaster Synchro.

McMaster is known for their fun and dynamic routines. They always keep everyone on their toes and swim to music everyone wishes they could have swam to in Club synchro.

McMaster University Synchro Team Deck Work
Dan Robichaud Photography

McMaster Synchro Soloist
Dan Robichaud Photography

They have also expanded their Bad Girls of Synchro name to include the Bad Boys of Synchro, who participated in their Watershow in 2018.

Watch their Bad Girls Team Final swim from Nationals in 2018 at Brock University here: Watch Here.

For more information on the team or to join their club for the upcoming season, contact Daniela Lato at

Meet the Clubs: McGill University

McGill University Team Highlight
Dan Robichaud Photography

The McGill University Artistic Swimming Team trains at the McGill Memorial Pool in Montreal. They are one of the only teams in the league who have varsity status from their university, meaning they receive a lot of support from McGill Athletics.

McGill hosts an invitational every year, except for in the 2016-17 season when they hosted Nationals at the Cote-St-Luc pool in Montreal. In the 2018-19 season, their invitational will take place on November 17th, 2018 at the McGill Memorial Pool.

In the 2017-18 Season, McGill entered two teams in Experienced Team, one team in Novice Technical Team, one Experienced Duet, a Novice Technical Duet, 3 experienced solos, and a novice solo! They entered routines in every category except Combo.

McGill University also holds the record for the most number of times they have won the Geraldine Dubrule Trophy for Top Overall Team, having won the title 13 times out of the 16 years that the league has been operating.

McGill Synchro Underwater Team Shot
Dan Robichaud Photography

McGill Synchro Split Highlight
Practice at McGill

Check out their youtube channel here for videos on what it’s like to swim at McGill.

For more information on the McGill University Artistic Swimming Team, you can contact Alicia Renaud at