2019 CUASL National Championships Results

Dan Robichaud Photography

This past weekend the 2019 Edition of the Canadian University Artistic Swimming Championships were held in Ottawa, Ontario at the Carleton University Pool. The 3 day competition was hosted by the University of Ottawa and McGill University.

The competition was fierce and over February 15-17 there was an incredible display of athleticism in the Raven’s Nest. Athletes from 13 universities across Canada participated to fight for their place at the top.

In the first final event of the weekend, Experienced Solo Finals, University of Ottawa’s Senior Carlie Cholette claimed her 3rd National title with 75.4333 points, edging out McGill University Freshman Maria Gheta who placed 2nd with 74.667 points. Gabrielle Cadotte from McGill University placed 3rd with 74.3667. Genevieve Peel from McGill University placed 4th with 72.8333 points, followed by University of Victoria’s Stefanie Dickinson with 69.7000 points. Rounding out the top 6 was Chloe Simpson from University of Guelph with 66.2333 points. Carlie Cholette, Maria Gheta, and Gabrielle Cadotte all qualified for Canada Artistic Swimming’s National Championships.

The next final was the Novice Duet/Trio Finals. Taking the top spot was University of Ottawa’s duet of Talia Cameron and Kaity Stewart, with 59.8733. In a very close second were exhibition athletes from London Synchro University Team, Paige Allen and Claire Devey, with 59.6917 points. Also taking second place was the McGill University Trio of Michely Chen, Baylie Daghofer-Hawes, and Palina Piankova, with 56.2050 points. In 3rd, University of British Columbia’s Natalie Hays and Valentina Madejska with 54.0533. The University of Victoria’s Carolina Limido and Jintia Ross-Van Mierlo took 4th place with 53.9833. McGill University’s Lorna Fernandez Ciruela, Megan Koster, and Carrie Rong took 5th place with 53.0550. And in 6th place, Université de Sherbrooke’s first ever novice entry in a national competition, Raphaelle Desourdy and Marianne Siino with 47.9400.

The remaining 4 finals were held on Sunday. The first final of the day was Novice Solo Finals. Taking the championship title was Talia Cameron from University of Ottawa with 60.2883 points. Also taking the top spot was Exhibition Athlete Clara Devey from London Synchro University Team with 60.3717 points. In second place was Page Allen from the London Synchro University Team with 60.2100 points. In third place from the University of British Columbia was Timothy Yaroshuk with 58.3733 points. From McGill University, Leah Birch placed 4th with 56.8550 points. in 5th was the Abigail Imbeault from Carleton University with 56.8383 points. The final ribbon for 6th place was awarded to Lauren Chia from McGill University with 56.7867.

The next final was the Experienced Duet Final. Taking the top spot in their first year competing in CUASL was Maria and Ioana Gheta from McGill University. They secured the championship title with 73.4500 points. In second, the University of British Columbia’s Katie Stirrat and Olivia Zawadiuk scored 71.1250. Taking the number 3 spot was Daniella Lato and Christine Horner with 68.2250. These three routines have qualified for Canada Artistic Swimming’s National Championship. In 4th place, Université de Sherbrooke’s Mariane Samson and Frederique Charland, with 67.9333 points. Taking 5th was Queen’s University’s Karen Batch and Claire Moura with 67.5167 points. Rounding out the top 6 was London Synchro University Team’s Emily Newton and Sarah Shelton with 66.9833 points.

The final Novice event of the competition was Novice Team.  In first place and the recipients of the Novice Team Trophy is McGill University with 57.9117 points. Fighting for the top spot and not far behind was University of Ottawa with 56.6850 points. Securing 3rd with 54.0300 was the University of British Columbia. In 4th place was McMaster University with 52.5150 points.  Not far behind was the University of Guelph with 51.9683 points. Taking 6th place was Trent University’s Purple Team in a close 51.450.

Rounding out the competition was the Experienced Team Finals, where 15 competitors took part in this intense event. Securing the National Title and John Drake Trophy for Top Team was McGill University’s White Team, with 73.5000 points. In their incredible fight for the top spot, University of Ottawa took second place with an strong performance and 73.0083 points. In 3rd and their first time on the podium in this event, was the University of British Columbia with 70.9417. These three teams all qualified for Canadian Artistic Swimming’s National Championships. University of Victoria took the 4th place spot with 69.7333. In 5th,  the University of Toronto with a very close 69.1583 points. Rounding out the top 3 was University of Calgary with a strong 68.6167 points.

The first ever editions of the Top Overall Athlete were awarded at the banquet this year. In the novice category, University of Ottawa’s Talia Cameron took home the first edition for her incredible performances. This is her second year participating in artistic swimming. She placed first in Novice Duet, First in Novice Solo, and Second in Novice Team.

In the experienced category, Maria Gheta took home the Top Overall Experienced Athlete trophy. Her first year participating in the league, she took home the silver medal in Experienced Solo, and Gold in Experienced Duet and Experienced Team.

The Gerry Dubrule Trophy for Top Overall Team was awarded to McGill University for their incredible performances from 31 athletes over the course of the weekend. With 14 entries into the competition, the university held their own, securing the trophy with 65 points, ahead of University of Ottawa with 50 points, and UBC with 39 points. This is McGill’s 15th time taking home this trophy in the 18 years the league has been in existence.

The Anne Smeeton Award was awarded to McGill University’s Alicia Renaud, for her continuous support and dedication to the league.

This weekend saw an incredible array of skill, expertise, themes, and fun as we completed CUASL’s 2018-19 season. For a full list of results, visit our results page here: Results. 

All routines will be posted on the Canadian University Artistic Swimming League’s Youtube Channel Here: Videos of Routines.


CUASL Unveils New Branding


Canadian University Artistic Swimming League
Designed by Comme Pas Deux

On October 7th 2018, the newly named Canadian University Artistic Swimming League launched their new branding, with a new logo and new image.

Designed by Comme Pas Deux, located in Montreal, QC, the logo focuses on highlighting our love for the pool and water, and our commitment to our teams and clubs all across Canada. It combines these two items imperative to our story, with the red and blue text, the waves, and the maple leaf.

With our new branding, we are excited to take the league to new places for the

CUASL Circle Logo
Designed by Comme Pas Deux

2018-19 season. With a young club hosting a large competition for the first time, and rivals University of Ottawa and McGill University hosting a meet together, the league is going places. We are proud of our collaborative roots and continue to work together to grow the league and expand the number of participating universities, athletes, and coaches across Canada.

With a new name, new logo, and a dedicated executive team working hard behind the scenes, we can’t wait to see where the 2018-19 season will take the Canadian University Artistic swimming League!

Comme Pas Deux  is a young graphic design company located in Montreal, QC.  Their mission is to help young entrepreneurs and companies establish their brand and communication strategies to improve their image and reputation. They focus on creating work that is strong enough to defend their client’s current brand, but can also develop their reputation more. They are ambitious and always trying new things, but will work very close with you – like a team.  Because no two are alike. To see more of their work, scroll the homepage at the following link: www.commepasdeux.com 

Meet the Clubs: University of Toronto

University of Toronto Duet Highlight
Dan Robichaud Photography

The University of Toronto Synchronized Swimming Team trains out of St. Georges Campus Athletic Center at 55 Harbord Street. U of T Synchro is one of the original members of CUASL – having been a member since this league’s official inception in 2001 and much before that.

In the 2017-18 season, U of T entered a novice soloist, Allison Jandura, an expert soloist, Angela Zhou, a novice duet composed of Miranda Li and Sabrina Wilson, an expert duet composed of Sarah Sarofim and Nancy Zhang, an expert team composed of Malak Ali, Sarah Sarofim, Tommy Ting, Nancy Zhang, and Angela Zhou, and a Novice Team composed of Allison Jandura, Miranda Li, Leora Nash, and Sabrina Wilson. With these routines, they entered routines into every event.

University of Toronto Soloist
Dan Robichaud Photography

The University of Toronto is the only team that has a male competitor in the experienced category, as well as the only team that has a male competitor swimming on an experienced team.

To see their team’s final swim at Nationals in 2018, visit our Youtube page here: Watch Here.

If you are interested in joining the team or learning more about the University of Toronto Synchro Team, you can email Angela Zhou and Emma Yoxon at uoftsynchro@gmail.com.

2018-19 Season Tryouts

Below is a list of the 2018-19 Season Tryouts for all Universities with active participation in the league. This page will be updated as meetings are confirmed and information will become available.

For more information on each university and to contact their representative, please visit the University’s Page.

Carleton University:

Synchro Social & Info Session: Wednesday, September 12, 7PM at Ollie’s

Competitive Tryouts: Thursday, September 13th from 2:30-4PM (Carleton Pool, Athletics)

Novice Try Synchro: September 13 from 2:30-4PM, or September 14 from 3-4:30PM (Carleton Pool, Athletics)


Dalhousie University:

Come visit them at the Clubs and Intramurals Fair on September 6th from 7-9:30PM

Beginning of Year Info Session: Monday, September 10th from 6:30-7:30 at Dalplex

First practice will be on Saturday, September 15th


Laurentian University:

Tryouts will be held Thursday, September 6th and Tuesday September 11th.


London Synchro University Team:

First Practice / Tryouts will be held Sunday, September 16th from 10:30AM-12PM at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre

Next Practice / Tryout will be held Wednesday, September 19th from 7:30-9PM at the BEAL Secondary School!


McGill University:

Information Meeting: Wednesday September 5th, 6-7PM, Currie Room 304

Tryouts: Tuesday September 11th, 7-9PM on deck, Wednesday September 12th 6:30-9PM, Saturday September 15th 1:30-5:30PM.

For more information, visit the Facebook Event Here.


University of Alberta:

Tryouts for anyone interested in the Advanced Competitive Program will be held Monday, September 10th from 5:15-7PM

For anyone interested in the club for all levels (Novice, Recreational, or Advanced) the tryout dates will be: Wednesday, September 12 from 6:15-8:00PM and Friday, September 14 from 5:15-7:30PM.

All will be held in the Van Vliet Complex West Pool.


University of British Columbia:

Thursday September 6th at the UBC Aquatic Centre.


University of Calgary: 

Tryouts begin on September 10th when they kick off their training for the season. Tryouts will last two weeks and will take place during practice times.

The team trains on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30-10:00PM. Official tryout criteria will be given on the first day.


University of Guelph:

We will be participating in O-Week, with an event titled “Try University Synchro” on September 4th from 2-3PM in the Red Pool.

First practice will take place on September 17th from 9-11PM at the Red Pool.


University of Ottawa:

There will be an information meeting that will take place before tryouts.

Tryouts begin September 9th.


Université de Sherbrooke:

Rencontre d’informations: mercredi, 5 septembre à 18h à la mezzanine de la piscine de l’université.

La première pratique de la saison aura lieu le mercredi, 12 septembre à 19h à la piscine de l’université.

Addresse de la piscine: 2500, boul de l’Université, Sherbrooke, QC, J1K 2R1.

Pour plus d’informations, allez voir leur page Facebook içi , ou le événement içi.


Waterloo/Laurier Warriors:

Information Meeting: Thursday, September 13 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Williams Cafe in the Environment 3 building on Waterloo’s campus.

You can find more information on the event here: Warriors Synchro Information Meeting.

If you are interested in attending, please fill in the Google Form Here.

Practices will begin shortly after the information meeting.

Change to Novice Required Elements

McGill University Novice Required Element
Novice Required Team Element – Bent Knee

As per the rulebook, the Novice Required Elements are to be revised every two (2) years. This year, upon revising the elements, the committee changed various elements, as well as adding a 5th element to the Novice Required Team elements.

These changes were reviewed and approved by CUASL’s Chief Judge and Registrar Wendy Yule. These changes will go into effect for the 2018-19 season. The elements will be reviewed again in the summer of 2020.

The changes to the elements line up requirements and required skills through all novice categories. The Novice Solo & Duet/Trio elements are harder elements that build on skills previously built in the Novice Team elements. This follows the logic of the rule that states that swimmers who score a 60.000 or higher in the Novice Technical Solo category will be required to register as an experienced swimmer in the following season. Therefore, Novice Soloist will require stronger basic skills to move up to the experienced category.

The order of Novice Solo & Duet/Trio elements were also changed to match the order of the team elements, to increase the ease for judges, coaches, and swimmers who judge, coach, or compete in multiple categories.

Please see the list of elements below. The changes to the elements from previous years have been bolded. Should you have any questions, please contact the CUASL President, Alicia Renaud, at cusslpresident@gmail.com.


Novice Technical Solo and Duet/Trio Required Elements:

Elements 1-5 are to be performed in the order listed. Element 6 can take place at any point in the routine. There are no restrictions as to what direction swimmers may face. In duet, elements must be performed simultaneously between the swimmers.

  1. FISHTAIL – A Front Pike Position is assumed. One leg is lifted to a Fishtail Position, ending optional.
  2. SPLIT POSITION – A Split Position is assumed. Legs join to assume Vertical Position at ankle level or higher. A Vertical Descent is executed in Vertical Position.
  3. BODY BOOST – A rapid headfirst rise, with a maximum of the body above the surface is executed, arms optional. A descent is executed until the swimmer is completely submerged.
  4. KIPNUS – From a Back Layout Position, a partial Somersault Back Tuck is executed until the shins are perpendicular to the surface. The trunk unrolls as the legs assume a Bent Knee Vertical Position midway between the former vertical line through the hips and the former vertical line through the head and the shins. A Vertical Descent is executed in a Bent Knee Vertical Position.
  5. TRAVELLING BALLET LEG COMBINATION – Beginning in a Back Layout Position to include at least 3 of the following positions: Right sailboat; Left sailboat; Right Ballet Leg; Left Ballet Leg; Right Flamingo; Left Flamingo. The combination must move a minimum of one (1) meter.
  6. TWO (2) FORMS OF PROPULSION – Must include kick-pull-kick


Novice Technical Team Required Elements:

Elements 1-5 are to be performed in the order listed. Elements 6 and 7 can take place at any point in the routine. There are no restrictions as to what direction swimmers may face. Elements must be performed  simultaneously between all swimmers, with the exception of element number 7 (Above Water Pattern Change).

  1. FISHTAIL – A Front Pike Position is assumed. One leg is lifted to a Fishtail Position, ending optional.
  2. VERTICAL POSITION – A Vertical Position is assumed at Ankle Height or Higher. A Vertical Descent is executed in the Vertical Position.
  3. BODY BOOST – A rapid headfirst rise, with a maximum of the body above the surface is executed, arms optional. A descent is executed until the swimmer is completely submerged.
  4. BENT KNEE – From an Inverted Back Tuck Position, the legs assume a Bent Knee Vertical Position. A Vertical Descent is executed in the Bent Knee Position.
  5. TRAVELLING BALLET LEG COMBINATION – Beginning in a Back Layout Position to include at least 3 of the following positions: Right sailboat, Left sailboat; Right Ballet Leg; Left Ballet Leg; Right Flamingo; Left Flamingo. The combination must move a minimum of one (1) meter.
  6. TWO (2) FORMS OF PROPULSION – Must include kick-pull-kick
  7. PATTERN CHANGE that takes place ABOVE the surface of the water.

Meet the Clubs: Queen’s University

Queen's Synchro Team Photo
Queen’s University Synchro Team

The Queen’s University Synchronized Swimming Team is a force to be reckoned with.  As one of the league’s oldest participating teams, they have always had an incredibly strong showing in experienced team. They are known for their fun and creative routines.

In the 2017-18 Season, Queen’s entered 2 routines, a novice solo, and an experienced team.

Despite many challenges, including several athletes injuring themselves right before Easterns, Queen’s Experienced team finished a strong fourth place. Swimmers on this team were: Sabrina Barnes, Karen Batch, Erin Grennel, Vanessa Kerr, Taylor Mouliakis, Claire Moura, and Brianna Wodehouse.

Their novice soloist was Jessica Insogna.

The Queen’s University Team is also a Varsity Club, making them the only club in the league to have Varsity Club status.

Queen's University Synchro Team 2015-16
Queen’s University Synchro Team 2015-16

Queen's University Synchro
Queen’s University Synchro Team Eggbeater

They are also very active in the league, having hosted Easterns more times than any other university.

We are excited to see what Queen’s has in store for us this season!

To watch their swim at Nationals, visit the CUSSL Youtube Channel here: Watch Here

For more information on the team or to find out about joining them, please contact Vanessa Kerr at qsynchro@queensu.ca.


Meet the Clubs: University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa Solo
Dan Robichaud Photography

The University of Ottawa Gee-Gees Synchro team are our 2018 Top Overall Team Champions.

In the 2017-18 season, they took home both the Geraldine Dubrule Trophy for the top overall team, as well as the Novice Team Trophy for Top Novice Team.

In this past season, they entered 9 routines into competition. These were: one novice solo, two experienced solos, one novice duet, two experienced duets, one novice team and two experienced teams. They entered routines into every event except for Combo, and had the most number of routines out of all universities.

They had an incredibly strong year, with all experienced routines placing in the top 3 (except for one experienced team), and all novice routines placing in the top 6.

University Of Ottawa Synchro Team
Dan Robichaud Photography

With incredibly dynamic, emotional, and strong routines with amazing choreography, we are expecting nothing less of another exciting showing in the coming 2018-19 season.

University of Ottawa is also incredibly active in the league, with two out of four CUSSL Executive Members from the Gee-Gees.

Fun fact! Their Instagram Page also has the highest follower count of the league. Even more than CUSSL!

To watch all of their incredible routines from the 17-18 season, visit the CUSSL Youtube University of Ottawa page here: Watch Here.

For more information on the Gee-Gees or on joining their team, email Isabelle MacLean at geegeesynchro@hotmail.com.

University of Ottawa Duet Highlight
Dan Robichaud Photography

Meet the Clubs: McMaster University

McMaster Synchro Figure
McMaster Synchro Experienced Team

McMaster University Synchro Team, also known as “The Bad Girls of Synchro” have had a strong showing in the league since they joined. In the 2017-18 season, they entered both a novice and experienced team, and an experienced solo.

McMaster is very involved in improving our league, and active in all league activities. They hosted an invitational meet in the Fall of 2016, their President Daniela Lato participates actively in league committees, and our previous CUSSL President, Hannah Koke, also swam for McMaster Synchro.

McMaster is known for their fun and dynamic routines. They always keep everyone on their toes and swim to music everyone wishes they could have swam to in Club synchro.

McMaster University Synchro Team Deck Work
Dan Robichaud Photography

McMaster Synchro Soloist
Dan Robichaud Photography

They have also expanded their Bad Girls of Synchro name to include the Bad Boys of Synchro, who participated in their Watershow in 2018.

Watch their Bad Girls Team Final swim from Nationals in 2018 at Brock University here: Watch Here.

For more information on the team or to join their club for the upcoming season, contact Daniela Lato at synchro@mcmaster.ca.

Meet the Clubs: McGill University

McGill University Team Highlight
Dan Robichaud Photography

The McGill University Artistic Swimming Team trains at the McGill Memorial Pool in Montreal. They are one of the only teams in the league who have varsity status from their university, meaning they receive a lot of support from McGill Athletics.

McGill hosts an invitational every year, except for in the 2016-17 season when they hosted Nationals at the Cote-St-Luc pool in Montreal. In the 2018-19 season, their invitational will take place on November 17th, 2018 at the McGill Memorial Pool.

In the 2017-18 Season, McGill entered two teams in Experienced Team, one team in Novice Technical Team, one Experienced Duet, a Novice Technical Duet, 3 experienced solos, and a novice solo! They entered routines in every category except Combo.

McGill University also holds the record for the most number of times they have won the Geraldine Dubrule Trophy for Top Overall Team, having won the title 13 times out of the 16 years that the league has been operating.

McGill Synchro Underwater Team Shot
Dan Robichaud Photography

McGill Synchro Split Highlight
Practice at McGill

Check out their youtube channel here for videos on what it’s like to swim at McGill.

For more information on the McGill University Artistic Swimming Team, you can contact Alicia Renaud at synchro@mcgill.ca.

Meet the Clubs: Laurentian University

Laurentian University Team Highlight
Dan Robichaud Photography

In the 2017-18 season, Laurentian University entered a competitive team into the league. The team composed of Emma Cushnie, Colleen Daly, Candice Larochelle, Daniela Lobo, Lyanne Paquette, Alystra Riddel, Hunter Truong-Nguyen, and Cassandra Young, placed 10th in a tough field of teams at Nationals. The team scored 63.500 points. The team stood out for their amazing highlights and expressive swimmers.

The Voyageurs hosted Easterns at their pool in Sudbury, Ontario this past season. The meet was incredibly successful.

Laurentian University Synchro Team started in the league in the 2015-16 season, and have shown incredible growth since then. We cannot wait to see how many swimmers they recruit for the 2018-19 season after hosting such and incredible meet, and are excited to see where their program will end up.

Watch their Team Finals Swim from Nationals 2018 at Brock University here: Watch Here.

Candice Larochelle was also the recipient of the Anne Smeeton Award in 2018. This award is given to someone who contributes significantly to the league. Candice was nominated by her teammates for her incredible effort as the meet manager at Easterns, and for her work developing the Laurentian University Team.

For more information on Laurentian University, and to inquire about joining their team, you can email Candice at laurentiansynchro@gmail.com.