CUASL Unveils New Branding


Canadian University Artistic Swimming League
Designed by Comme Pas Deux

On October 7th 2018, the newly named Canadian University Artistic Swimming League launched their new branding, with a new logo and new image.

Designed by Comme Pas Deux, located in Montreal, QC, the logo focuses on highlighting our love for the pool and water, and our commitment to our teams and clubs all across Canada. It combines these two items imperative to our story, with the red and blue text, the waves, and the maple leaf.

With our new branding, we are excited to take the league to new places for the

CUASL Circle Logo
Designed by Comme Pas Deux

2018-19 season. With a young club hosting a large competition for the first time, and rivals University of Ottawa and McGill University hosting a meet together, the league is going places. We are proud of our collaborative roots and continue to work together to grow the league and expand the number of participating universities, athletes, and coaches across Canada.

With a new name, new logo, and a dedicated executive team working hard behind the scenes, we can’t wait to see where the 2018-19 season will take the Canadian University Artistic swimming League!

Comme Pas Deux  is a young graphic design company located in Montreal, QC.  Their mission is to help young entrepreneurs and companies establish their brand and communication strategies to improve their image and reputation. They focus on creating work that is strong enough to defend their client’s current brand, but can also develop their reputation more. They are ambitious and always trying new things, but will work very close with you – like a team.  Because no two are alike. To see more of their work, scroll the homepage at the following link: