2017-2018 Season


Marie Albert, Nilani Ananthamoorthy, Madeleine Berry, Carlie Cholette, Élodie Delas, Emma English, Meighan Kerr, Gillian King, Frederique Lacroix-Dion, Isabelle Maclean, Lindsay Pinch, Josée Goguen, Lauren Stokes, Jessica MacDonald, Amy Cameron, Talia Cameron, Stephanie Kynsh, Clare Vais, Lydia Cossar, Brenna Morgan, Xin Xu and Sarah Zhang.


Katie Simanzik, Katie Cornish, Marie-Ève Dorval, Khadija Cutcher, Amélie Proulx, Pamela Schroeder, Brenna Winter.


Isabelle MacLean –

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